Texas Attorney
  • Are there ever discounts or special offers?

    Depending on your individual situation and account details, you may qualify for a discount.

  • What types of payments are accepted?

    We want to make it as easy as possible for you to make a payment, so we offer a variety of different options. We accept bank debit cards, major credit cards (Visa / MasterCard / Discover), prepaid cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo, and electronic checks (e-checks). You can make your payment on our fast, easy, and secure online payment site.

  • Will the office work with me and offer payment plans?

    Michael J. Adams PC (MJAPC) wants to find solutions that meet both the needs of our clients and consumers. You can log in to your account to see what options are available today. Our highly skilled Account Managers can also develop and present innovative payment options to accommodate individual circumstances. Payment options will be discussed with the consumer in plain and simple language. Depending on your individual situation and account details, you may even qualify for a discount.

  • Do I need to speak someone before I make a payment?

    No, you can make a payment anytime of the day or night through our secure, online payment site or if you need assistance with making an online payment, we have representatives available from 8:00am to 5:00 pm (Central), Monday through Friday. Call our experts toll-free at (877) 223-5462 to answer all of your questions and get the best deal on resolving your obligations.

  • What information is available on my account that I can find by registering?

    By registering online you can find details about your account history such as the original creditor, merchant or service provider, the date the account was opened, account balance, payment history, next payment due date, and you may even find that you qualify for a discount on payments going forward.

  • If I register, is it the same thing as agreeing to make payments on a debt?

    Registering online does not imply that you are the rightful account owner of a past due debt. Access to the account will provide you with important details necessary to establishing or disputing your ownership or clearing up any misunderstanding.